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Our Cleanse Program

When was the last time you really thought about whether or not your diet really provides your body with the nourishment it needs? Participating in a cleanse is an amazing opportunity to consider how you might be holding yourself back from living your best life.


The human body functions through a symphony of small harmonious processes and its efficiency relies heavily on diet. Taking an active role in balancing out your whole body system can change your life. We believe this change can all begin with a simple detoxifying cleanse that gives you the time to get in touch with your body and plan

a course of action.


Advanced Cleanse

6 Juices and 2 Wellness Shots Per Day

This is the ultimate detox! Our Golden Juicery cleanse initiates more powerful results as the body does not need to digest any solid or blended foods. All of the body's systems are rushed with energy and toxins are filtered out. To experience the full benefit of this cleanse we recommend that you commit to a minimum of 3 days to allow changes in your immune, circulatory, and digestive systems to occur.

$65 / Day

Why Cleanse?

Leading a fulfilling life requires so much energy and attention that sometimes we need to take a step back to check in with ourselves. Our eating habits and routines can often use a little more consideration than we make time for. While our bodies might be able to get us through our days with little feedback, they often need more care than we grant them.

Cleansing is one of the most potent ways to reset your body for optimal health and bodily function. We store toxins in our lymphatic system and fat cells. These toxins have accumulated in our system over our entire lives.  

Cleansing your body is like changing the oil in your car. It is helpful to do this regularly to maintain proper immune function, vitality, and overall health. Whether you are looking to achieve your ideal weight, improve immune function, increase your overall level of vitality or achieve radiant and glowing skin, these are all things that many people experience as a result of regular cleansing. 


Join Our
Cleanse Program

What to Expect?

  • Better Sleep

  • Increased energy

  • Weight-loss

  • Clearer skin

  • Less inflammation

  • Improved digestion

  • Peace and clarity of the mind

  • Energetic and spiritual richness.

The Body's Process

​Inner Renewal​

  • Lymphatic System- (lymph nodes, spleen, thymus, bone marrow) Cleanses the blood and protects from illness.

  • Adrenal System - (kidneys, adrenal glands) Hormone production, metabolism regulation, response to stress.

  • Respiratory System- (lungs, trachea, throat, mouth) Moves oxygen throughout the body, cleanse out wasteful gasses.

  • Integumentary System- (skin, hair nails, glands) Protects the internal organs, regulates temperature, aids immune system.


  • Are your juices cold-pressed?
    Yes, all of our juices are cold-pressed at our shop on a daily basis. View our full juice menu here!
  • Is your menu all organic?
    We source our items as local and organic as we possibly can. In the rare event that we can't get an organic product, we source only Grade A products. Check out our full menu here!
  • Is Golden Juicery a good co-working space?
    Yes! We specifically designed our shop as a great space to come and work remotely or hold meetings. We offer plenty of seating with outlets at each table for your laptop or phone charger.
  • Am I only going to drink the provided beverages throughout the entire cleanse?
    If you are doing our Stage 1 Beginner’s cleanse you are welcome to consume one light plant-based salad or soup to curb any cravings once a day. If you do so, we suggest that you eat this meal in the middle of the day to reduce the amount of energy your body will use on digestion as you rest through the night. If you are doing our Stage 2 or 3 cleanse, we strongly recommend that you only consume the provided beverages to get your best result. At any stage you are welcome to drink water and herbal teas throughout the day as needed.
  • Can I still drink coffee during a cleanse?
    The goal of fasting is to detoxify the body and caffeine is a toxic substance. While cleansing, the body will be aggressively removing it along with many, many other toxins. Therefore, drinking coffee would be counterproductive. Furthermore, the process of cleansing the body is not entirely without discomfort. People who drink a lot of caffeine often develop a headache on and off for at least a day or two while juice cleansing.
  • Will a cleanse give me more energy?
    Yes! During the first few days of your juice cleanse your body detoxifies intensely. This is made possible as the energy normally used for digestion is now free to clean your systems. You gain energy from the lack of digestion and then will experience even higher levels as you continue. This energy is used to support brain and bodily function, creating harmony in your system overall. A feeling of serenity and peace will come over you as your frequency changes.
  • For a cleanse, is there a specific order I should drink my juices and smoothies in?
    You can choose to drink freely. All of our beverages work harmoniously to cleanse the body so there is no recommended order. The only guidelines are to drink a lot of water and drink a juice or smoothie only when you begin to feel hungry (every 2 or 3 hours). Drink your last beverage at least 3 hours before you go to bed. You may drink water or hot herbal tea closer to bedtime.
  • How long should I cleanse?
    Three days is a sufficient duration of time to detoxify the body. However, it is a very personal experience and for some people, it will take longer before feeling fully cleansed. This rate can also depend on age as those beyond the age of 30 are often storing more toxins in larger quantities which takes more time to clear from the body. We recommend that people over 30 complete at least a 7-day cleanse. This will ensure a complete detox experience and at least a few days of increased vitality.
  • When I am done cleansing how soon can I return to my normal diet?
    We recommend breaking your fast with fruit on the first day, choosing one fruit per mealtime, as opposed to a mixed fruit salad.


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